Why Partner with FW?

FW Warehousing has more than 50 years' experience in the third-party warehousing and logistics industry and has been ranked in the Top 100 Third Party Logistic Companies in the country by Inbound Logistics magazine. With more than 4-million square feet of warehouse facilities throughout the Midwest, FW has the right-sized and dedicated facilities for every need.

With warehouse facilities dedicated to contract, food grade, and chemical/hazardous material warehousing throughout the Midwest, FW Warehousing has the versatility to handle virtually every commodity and experience and expertise to go with it. In addition, FW offers co-packing, fulfillment, e-commerce, cross-docking, and transloading services as well. When called upon, the FW Solutions Team will devise a supply chain proposal customized to suit your needs and match it with the best FW facility to provide a turn-key solution.

Bottom-line: FW Warehousing has the same high quality management, service, and technology infrastructure you would expect from a national 3PL and the lower overhead and better value facilities of an asset-based 3PL.

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